According to Law. 3699/2008, article 4 KE.D.D.Y. has the following responsibilities:


-    The detection and confirmation of the type and degree of difficulties of students with special educational needs in preschool and school age children. Within their

competences, KE.D.D.Y. cooperates with the Health and Welfare Providers of the Municipality of Evia.


-    The assessment and development of personalized or group psycho-educational and learning support and creative projects, in collaboration with all schools

(primary and secondary education).


-    Based on the assessment, the proposal for classification, registration and attendance of students with special needs to the appropriate school unit or other

educational context. KEDDY is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the educational progress of students, in collaboration with special education school counselors, relevant school counselors, (primary and secondary) schools principals, school staff and in general everyone who is responsible for implementing any program for students with special needs.


-    Provides continuous counseling and information on school staff and those involved in the educational process and vocational training of students with special needs.

Organizes information and training programs for parents, guardians and school staff on a continuous basis.


-   The determination and proposal  of assistive technology and  other technical means in order to facilitate access and learning process that is required by all children

with special needs, at school or at home.


-    Proposals for the replacement of the written examinations of students with disabilities and special educational needs with oral or other tests (final or entrance

examinations), concerning students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia,  dysorthografia, based on the school curriculum. Furthermore, KEDDY proposes alternative examination of the deaf, hard of hearing, blind, low vision and students with, ADHD in all levels of education.


-    Proposes to the Ministry of Education for the establishment, abolition, promotion, demotion, conversion or merging of Special Education Schools and Special

Education classes.


-    Develops an annual activity report, which is submitted to the Ministry of Education.


-    Proposes to the Ministry of Education and the local and civil authorities  for any building and / or logistical interventions for all schools in the in the Municipality

of Evia.


-    Drafting of personalized reports - proposals for all students in the competence of KE.D.D.Y., based on modern educational approaches, educational aids, assistive

technology that can support the functionality and the participation of each student with disabilities and special educational needs in the process of inclusive education for all students.


-    Proposes the  implementation of  early intervention programs for students with visual or hearing impairment, physical disabilities, chronic diseases, mental disorders,

pervasive developmental disorders, as well as those others taking medication which may affect their learning ability KE.D.D.Y. in collaboration with other medical and non medical services and authorities proposes the necessary ergonomic arrangements to better access and attendance in the school. If  KE.D.D.Y. diagnoses child abuse or neglect  collaborates with medical services, social and psychological services and the judicial authorities.