KE.D.D.Y. assess students who have not completed their twenty-second (22th) year of age. The assessment is carried out by a three-member multidisciplinary team, composed of a special education teacher (preschool or primary or secondary), a social worker and a psychologist.


The assessment is carried out by the interdisciplinary team KE.D.D.Y., which issues an opinion – evaluation report on the definition and description of the difficulty of the student and concrete proposals to better support of the student in the school environment. Furthermore proposes the appropriate school context for the student (special school, Integration classroom, parallel support, learning support) and possibly an Individualized Educational Program (I.E.P.), in which the objectives are clearly identified for an effective educational program.


The opinion and the I.E.P.is sent from KE.D.D.Y. to the  parents and school. It is understood that the file (hard copy and electronically)of the student and all his data is strictly confidential and accessible only by the director and the school teachers involved in the student’s educational program




-     Parents / guardians study carefully the information provided on our website on special educational needs and discuss beforehand with the teacher or teachers of

their child the need of assessment by KE.D.D.Y


-     If the evidence shows that the student requires a special educational program,  guardians and parents submit a referral for evaluation, in person or by phone at



-     KE.D.D.Y. informs parents in advance for the precise date and time of assessment.


Assessments are conducted in the order they are posted. Priority is given in cases such as parallel support, participating in the entrance examinations to higher education, or students that are diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and syndromes by hospitals, or family doctors.