1.   Parents / guardians in collaboration with the classroom teacher,the educational advisor of the school and the school principal decide whether it is appropriate for

the child to be assessed from KEDDY.


2.   If the data show that the student shows signs of special educational needs, parents / guardians submit a referral for assessment, in person or by phone at KE.D.D.Y.


3.   Notice is given by the KE.D.D.Y. to the parents for the precise time and date for the evaluation.


4.   Mother attends at KEDDY and social report is given for which the scientific team decides the assessment protocol and the specific team hat will evaluate the child.


5.   During the day of the evaluation the child is evaluated by a psychologist by a special education teacher and a speech therapist (whenever is necessary).

Following the evaluation the scientific assessment team decides on the opinion and the Individual Educational Plan.


6.  On next day the parents come back to KEDDY and the IEP of the child is analyzed and organized by the team, the classroom teacher and the parents.


Evaluations are conducted in the order they are posted. Priority is given to children that are not attending, or they are diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, a particular syndrome or mental retardation.